Health Screening

Why health screening?

Regular health screening can pre-emptively seek out early signs of diseases.

Minute discomfort and symptoms can be a harbinger of serious illness. Sometimes, insidious diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure can be asymptomatic and erupt into fatal conditions such as a heart attack. This is why regular health screening can pre-emptively seek out early signs of these diseases so that management can be done under the facilitation of healthcare professionals to stop or slow down progression of serious debilitating conditions.

Why Choose Us?

At Crawfurd Hospital, all our screenings packages will cover detection of the ‘three highs’: Blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol which are precursors to many other conditions. Building on the essential screenings, our comprehensive healthcare packages are designed for a full system review to capture different information about the body so that our doctors can interpret these results and your health holistically. This includes more advanced radiographic techniques such as CT or MRI to produce greater insights into the body’s overall state. 

We have also included options of performing endoscopy and colonoscopy, performed by specialists, in our packages to allow a more thorough understanding of the surfaces of your intestinal tracts, enabling early detection of gut related diseases that may not be apparent through normal testing.

Our doctors may also recommend additional tests if necessary, depending on the prior assessments done. They will follow up with the customers to address any concerns once the reports are ready.  

Health Screening Process

Health screening has never been more seamless than at Crawfurd Hospital. Customers will be pre-registered once they indicated their interest and advised for any preparations on screening day. Our service officers will attend to any queries you may have to ensure the screening package chosen is most suited to your needs. On the day itself, customers will be guided throughout to perform the subscribed tests with the best comfort of care. Results will be out in a few days, depending on the complexity of tests subscribed and our doctors will be available to answer any concerns regarding the test results. 

List of screening tests includes

Essential screening

Includes blood tests for high blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol as well as obesity measurement. Other add-ons include a full blood count to detect abnormal electrolytes or blood cells. There will also be physical examinations and consultations with the doctors to understand your conditions better.

Urine analysis

By testing the presence of different substances in the urine (including proteins, blood cells and electrolytes), we can understand the state of your kidneys and the urinary tract.

Cancer markers

Blood tests involving detection of tumour or cancer markers that is secreted by the mutated cells, including those of the colon, liver, oropharyngeal and gonads.  It may prompt further testing after discussion with our doctors.  

ECG (electrocardiogram)

The test involves the study of conduction and rhythm of the heart through placement of pads across the chests. The results will be interpreted to check for any abnormalities and to recommend follow-ups if there are any.


Using high frequency sound waves, this procedure is non-invasive and often serves as a first-cut to understand the structures in your body, especially around the abdominal area. It provides a live update of any changes happening within the body.


A quick and painless examination that checks for the general structures of the bones and some other organs, including the lungs and abdomen for any abnormalities and the results may prompt for more detailed analysis if necessary.

CT-scan (Computed Tomography)

CT combines a series of X-ray images taken from different angles around your body and uses computer processing to create cross-sectional images (slices) of the tissues and organs inside your body. It produces image of higher quality than x-rays to allow clinicians to do a more detailed assessment of your condition.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Using strong magnetic fields and radio waves, this advanced radiography technique allows the detailed composition imaging of the body without exposure to any radiation and pain. It can be used to produce high quality image of different parts of the body to detect any abnormalities, including soft tissues, the brain and the abdomen.