Diagnostic Modalities
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Our GE Signa Voyager 1.5Tesla scanner is a tubeshaped magnet that is open at both ends and is located in a comfortable room. The scanner is equipped with industry-best magnet homogeneity and has 65 digital channels to produce high image quality. It is able to perform fast scanning with its Ultra High Efficiency Gradient System. MRI scans are safe and completely painless. They use a magnetic field and radio waves to help doctors make a diagnosis by creating a detailed picture of the inside of the body. Many clinicians prefer MRI scans to other scan types because they provide a wealth of information without the use of radiation and can be used to investigate almost any part of the body.

Before your appointment

Once we’ve received your referral and booked a slot for your MRI scan, you’ll receive confirmation with all the details of your appointment.

Most MRI scans do not require you to change your day to day life at all. For a small number of scans, you may be asked not to eat or drink anything except water for up to six hours before your appointment. You will be informed well in advance if this applies to you. The MRI scanner is a magnet, so if you want to avoid changing into a gown, try to wear comfortable clothing with no metal at all, for example a tracksuit with no zips, wires as such.

When you arrive

When you arrive at our hospital, our friendly reception staff will bring you to the basement. You’ll be then be greeted by the Radiographer, who will show you to the changing room, where you can lock away your valuables and change into a gown if necessary. He will also explain the examination to you and answer any queries that you may have.

During your appointment

You’ll be asked to complete a safety questionnaire to make sure you are able to have the scan. For example, certain types of implants are not suitable for MRI. Your Radiographer will also double check these safety questions with you. You’ll then be taken through into the MRI room, where you’ll lie on the MRI table and be slid into the scanner. You’ll be given a hand-held call bell that you can squeeze at any time during the scan to talk to the Radiographer, who will be updating you on the progress of the scan and will be able to see you from the control room.

After your appointment

After your scan, you can collect your valuables from the changing room, and go back home. Your MRI scan images will be read by our Consultant Radiologist who will then generate a report by end of the day.