Request for Medical Information

Request for Medical Report?

Find out the procedures from here:

Who to contact to request for Medical Information?

Patient can contact our Business Office via:
Telephone: +65 6933 3723 (office hours only)


What documents do you need to provide for verification?

  1. Patient will have to complete a “Consent for Release of Medical Information” Form
  2. For patients below 21 years of age, the consent of the parents or legal guardian is required.
  3. For deceased patients, consent from the appointed representative is required. A “Consent for Release of Medical Information” form must be completed. A copy of the death certificate and other supporting documents, e.g. marriage certificate and letters of administration, are required as proof of the representative’s relationship to the patient.
    – A copy of the patient’s and representative NRIC/passport will be required for verification.


How will you receive you Medical Information?

Patients can receive the records through self-collection at Business Office