Inpatient Guide & Charges


Thank you for choosing Crawfurd Hospital.

We have compiled information regarding the Admission processes at Crawfurd before your stay here.


Your specialist’s clinic will make the necessary booking for your admission. Prior to your admission, our business officer will then contact and assist you in completing the pre-admission registration. Specialist financial counselling and hospital financial counselling will be done by the respective staff to ensure transparency and setting of expectation of the estimated cost of treatment.

Admission Time

The admission time will be communicated to you once appointment of the scheduled procedure has been confirmed. Admission time may differ depending on your condition as other pre-operational tests or procedures may be required. Do report on the timing provided to you to ensure a smoother journey through your stay at our hospital.

Room Options

We have the following room types available:
VIP Room
Single Bed Room

Subjected to availability, you can be able to change the room/type by requesting to nurse in charge in your ward.

For short-term stay, our day surgery wards are available to ensure patients are properly rested before discharging.

Hospital Bill Estimate

Prior to admission, the estimated hospital bill will be calculated based on the average of bill sizes of past admissions and of non-complicated standard procedures.

The actual hospital bill may differ from the estimated bill size depending on, but not limited to severity and complications of medical conditions/procedures as well as any added investigations and treatments that are necessary.

Payment Upon Admission

Depending on your integrated shield plan (ISP) if applicable, a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) will be requested from your insurer. Cashless admission can be provided upon request depending on terms of your individual ISP plan.

Where to go for Admission

Please proceed to our Admission Counter at Level 1, Reception.

What to Bring for Admission Registration

Please bring along the following documents for admission registration:

  1. Admission Form (from Specialist Clinic)
  2. NRIC/Birth Certificate (for under 15 years old)/Passport & FIN card (for foreigners)
  3. NRIC of Medisave Account Holders whose Medisave accounts will be used to pay the bill (Account holders need to be present)
  4. Financial Counselling Form (from Specialist Clinic)
  5. Consent Form (from Specialist Clinic)

What to Bring for Your Hospital Stay

  1. All X-Ray/Ultrasound/CT/MRI Scan Films if taken by external organisations if available.
  2. Loose and comfortable clothing and other personal toiletries e.g. toothbrush and shaving kit.
  3. Do not bring valuables (jewellery, excessive amounts of cash)
  4. Avoid using make-up, perfume, deodorant or lotions. All make-up , nail polish and lotions should be removed prior to treatment
  5. Avoid wearing contact lenses; wear glasses instead

Preparation Before Admission for Surgery

You are advised to prepare before Admission for Surgery as follows.


If your procedure requires fasting, do not eat or drink anything before surgery for a time period as advised by your specialist. This includes water, coffee, any other fluids, hard candy, chewing gum and tobacco. If you eat or drink, your surgery may need to be delayed or rescheduled.

Smoking and Alcohol

Do not smoke or drink alcohol 24 hours prior to surgery.


Medications are to be taken in the morning on the day of your surgery as per instructions given by your specialist.
Please bring along your own medication and inhaler (if any).
Please consult your specialist if you are taking traditional chinese medication (TCM) prior to your procedure.

Feeling Unwell

Please notify your specialist if you are not feeling well prior to your procedure.


Pre-Operative Instructions

Please follow the pre-operative instructions that are given to you by the doctors or nurses.

Settling In


Once the admission procedure is completed, our staff will guide you through the ward and facilities available, which are designed for your comfort.

Wrist Identification Band
A tagged wristband will be provided throughout your stay at our hospital. This is to facilitate the identification process for the best care possible.

Daily Ward Routine
The routine in the ward will include activities such as ward rounds by doctors, medication dispensing, meals and bedtime. In addition, activities such as laboratory test, x-ray, treatment and other procedures will take place when required.

Type of Wards and their Charges